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How do you feel about the population of Albion

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I logged in today after like 2-3 months and i see what you mean about the population. Feels so empty. I feel like they gotta rethink the early progression on the game. I get really bored just going around collecting wood and rocks for hours and that's all the game feels like to me. Collecting resources the WHOLE game. I am not saying to lower the resources needed to accomplish this or that but there must be a way to make it so it's not so boring with Albion Online Silver sellers. That is just my personal opinion because that is why i personally don't feel like playing specially since it's going to be wiped, which is understandable of course. However i have played other games in the past that have been in beta and alpha and i did enjoy playing it because it would prepare me for launch. Sadly it is not the case with Albion because it doesn't keep me interested. Again guys, this is just the way i personally feel.

Original vision?What was it? Game has changed so much in the past year+ that it's completely different game than it used to be. Tell me more about that "Original Vision" and what have left of it in the current state of the game.

Also, releasing will do nothing, same problems will arise in 2-3-4 months after release, and population will go lower and lower again.
Basic game mechanics which are broken now needed fix Albion Online Gold missing, that's what needs to be done, not a fucking "release" for few months up until half of the core of this game will decide to quit like they did now.

They wanted to make a game that lasts for years,but the only thing pointing in that direction is the endless grinding of materials.

Combat is boring,and individual skill wont affect much the outcome of a fight in pvp.The "You are what you wear" philosophy looks good in paper but its actually very limiting.The inteligence/strenght/dexterity/critical/etc stat system,although old is still the best way to go,you can have 2 players with the exact same gear have very different results.

Very few content,that is controlled by top guilds,making progress of smaller guilds extremely hard.Most people want to play with friends,not elitists they dont really like to be with just in order to have a glimpse at end game.

Their leaving because the devs extended the beta to august, that pissed alot of people off really. After 3=3 and a half months of testing, people are done testing, the game needs to buy Cheap Albion Online Gold. People don't want to continue adding to a character that will be wiped. there is no point to play right now. That's why about 80 percent of the playerbase hasn't been on. we waiting for release.
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