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My point is that I have to "spam" in order to give the information to all the new people requesting said information (back at launch it was quite a few people every 10 seconds), the same message every 10 seconds or Cheap BNS Gold. I also invite them and provide them with info after doing so.

But if you support the current system, that means that you'd like to see me banned for doing so, as that is how it works right now.

This system will ban me the same way as if I was spam trading things in the faction chat, when all I did was help people out. How is that fair? How is that gonna move this game forward? By getting people like me to not give a shit about others?

Me getting reported and banned for helping people is "unfortunate"? Really now? And if you know its a system that is flawed to the core because the idea behind it is right but the execution of said idea is best Best BNS Gold Store, why do you support it?

I'd like to respect you supporting this system but I just can't. I normally can't get myself to ignore those in need or those who request information from me. What is that for me, a minute of my time? And for them it might start a whole lot of nice things. Knowledge is power in itself.

This system would punish me for doing this however and that is unacceptable. I would normally not bow to something like this, but at the same time they hold my account (my time and money) in their hands as a card that they wave at me as soon as I try to speak up against them. How is that mature, professional behaviour?

I am very dissapointed in NCSoft and I don't see how this game is gonna survive with such "leadership, pfff" in the next year or so. I'd love this game to get up there with the amazing titles blade and soul gold farming, I really do. But when I see such immature behaviour from those who are supposed to act of their age and rank within the company, I am just left speechless.
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