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Well you neglect to mention what the quality of the item was you were rerolling. I have to assume you were trying to reroll an epic quality item.

The reroll system works like this. If you have a normal quality item and you reroll it, you have a decent chance (relatively) of getting Cheap Albion Online Gold. You may find that if you reroll 100 items and they are normal quality, there will most likely be 1 legendary in there when you are done rerolling them.

However, if you try to reroll an epic item, it is very rare to get a legendary upgrade. In fact you could reroll an epic item practically forever and not get a legendary upgrade.

The reason for having a higher chance to roll a legendary item from a normal quality item is simple...the better the quality of the item, the harder it is to reroll it to the next tier. This means you might have a 1/1000 chance of getting a legendary item upgrade if you start from an epic item. But you may have a 1/100 chance of getting a legendary item upgrade from a normal item.

I have done a ton of crafting in this game so I know this to be a fact. If I have a guildy that wants a legendary item, I always tell them to stop once you reach epic upgrade and buy a new item. Its far more cost effective to reroll A LOW QUALITY item and it is to try to get a legendary item from an epic quality item. If you were in a knowledgeable guild they should have told you about these mechanics.

This is why crafting your weapon of choice is always a good idea, more chances for legendary when you upgrade so you can keep your gems when you find them.

Edit - I should let you know out of sympathy that if you craft the item its easier to reroll them. The bonus to crafting quality you get as you level up to craft a specific item increases the reroll chances in Albion Online Powerleveling. This also means that tier 6 salad (+100 crafting quality) also helps with rerolling. If you are rerolling any good item...always use a tier 6 salad. Just a helpful tip on a relatively unknown mechanic.

I wouldnt let it finish loading before i clicked it so i watched the green bar almost finish and clicked rerol and clicked pay by the time my finger clicked on pay again , it would process the next one at the perfecr time, thats how fast i was doing it

And they shud make this system more stable, because i think GAMBLING is a BAD system

It wouldnt hurt to give guaranteed legendary at the 500 or 600th roll, in my opinion it would not hurt the game at or, except that it will benefit the system

Because most people would already have gotten it before 600th roll and the guys that didnt and roll to infinity and go bankrupt at least they will get the legendary its not going to increase the amount of legendaries in the whole game from albion online gold market, but it will be much more fair and rewarding to people who worked for it

600 rolls by no means is easy, it takes time, and your hand will feel funny afterwards but 600 rolls is super expensive for most weapons from epic to legendary, compared with the base price
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