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Riders of Icarus is very p2w

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As far as I can tell, cosmetic items are all character bound. However, you don't actually have to pay a single $ for any of them if you don't want to, as they can be purchased with Elluns, which you get through questing, in game achievements and as bonus rewards, in addition to buying with real money.

This game is very p2w, you can only get +'d max gear w/ spending elluns (aka money) The max on gear right now is 20, and re-reading that made me Lol because they lied so hard to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. They didn't really lie they just didn't name the biggest turn off to the majority of ppl and that's being able to max out your gear by paying cash money. But ppl will always argue that you still CAN max out gear w/out spending money - it will just take 5 years per piece. =P

It's funny though, because reading that post the game sounded very promising and like they would be on top of their game. Isn't the case, however. This upcoming patch will determine the path that many people take in the future of this game IMO. And seeing that there are several upcoming games/updates, 1 of which being the WoW update(yuck) but people won't hesitate to jump ship. This game is place holder for most at this point.

Or it would just take 1 week + 1 days for 100 Ellun.
Assuming you only log on for the free daily Ellun, thats 5-8 hours a week. Which can be completed without going out of your way to do them as the conditions are not specific.
eg. "Kill monsters" "Do quests" "Run Dungeons"

Along with daily Ellun, there's Weekly Ellun if you fulfill 4-5 days of daily challenges with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. Ontop of that, there's month Ellun if you complete enough Daily/Weekly for extra Ellun.
Both the Weekly and Monthly don't require you to do anything else besides do the Daily repeatable and come as a bonus.

Currently the game is "Pay for convince" not P2W. However some people slander P2W on anything these days, they'd even call DLC for single player games P2W which I've witnessed.
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