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Coming and banning the ToS bots

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BerichtGeplaatst: 24-06-2016 03:59:49    Onderwerp: Coming and banning the ToS bots Reageren met citaat
That area is the most infested bot zone in the entire game for high level zones and people run in circles 24 hours per day killing stuff because they're using a bot.

The GM is incompetent for coming and banning the bots that have been there for months cheating more Cheap Tree Of Savior Silver? Wrong. He's doing an amazing job and I'm glad to see him out there removing the worst offenders. You're a botter that decided to record it and that's all. Nobody who sees the bots running around that area wants to "pretend" to be a bot so the GM bans them.

There's 9 other bots and you just happened to be running around with them for hours? Nobody believes it. You're a cheater that got creative with his lies.

You are lying. You do not make 500 - 1m per hour in that spot. I've actually farmed millions of silver at bees without cheating and I know you make 150k on average in that area when you're totally alone.

The problem? Nobody is ever alone in that spot because it's the most common bot area and you and all your kin are running the exact same bot that only kills stuff in that area. You don't have the advanced TOS Gold seller bot that roams the entire map but a simple one that only kills in that sole area.

I feel happy the GM came and removed all the cheaters in that area including you. You don't make 500k to 1mil per hour in that area it's a complete and utter lie. You can make 150k if you're lucky with shiny spawns and there's nobody else around.

Let's ask ourselves why you're inflating the number so much? To lie and make people believe this is actually a good farming spot when it isn't. It's an absolute terrible spot to farm money but the most common area for some specific bot to run around in.

I've seen people so much people running around jumping in circles in that area making 40k Cheap TOS Silver per hour over 20 hours to know you're a liar and a cheater trying to slander the GM with a crappy video
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