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Blade & Soul: I had no issues with the grind until now

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I really enjoy this game and I had no issues with the grind until now. The speed at which we've gotten content and the amount of time we have to catch up to the content is not enough. There isnt enough money in the economy to continue sustaining the ever-increasing prices that we have and I dont personally believe that this game will last long in this market because of that grind and issues that have been plaguing us all for months. People have already begun to leave and its started to become more noticeable this past week.

But this game is being mismanaged by a company who by their actions still dont believe in this game and still dont believe it can work in the west. Otherwise, they wouldve catered to the market by fixing things that are in dire need of fixing (and before anyone jumps down my throat, look at the CN version and see how much work they put into catering towards that region's wants/needs BNS Gold). Sucks really. I've been waiting to play this game and I plan to continue playing it, but at the current moment in-game, it just feels like Im playing on a sinking ship. Hopefully, NCWest gets moving and tries to get some changes done soon. Content is nice and all, but its not everything.

That's where the problem is. The low(er) levels should be able to spam the gear, then it should get progressively harder on the end Cheap BNS Gold. That's what you do in the end-game, run the repetitive content for gear and luxuries.

But the ultra-fast pace of the game specifically in the NA/EU without the relaxation of the gearing/crafting requirements on what now is the low level gear creates a situation when you have grind for level 45 competing for your time with the grind for level 50 content simultaneously. You have no easy access to necessities.

I don't know enough to give a summary, but one thing I remember very clearly is how hard it was to beat the Infernal Lord. It was very easy to get wiped completely during that fight. Basically it all depended on whether the party managed to respond to every one of the boss' attack rotations adequately. (And secondarily, whether the party had enough damage output, I guess. Because the Infernal Lord healed somewhat quickly.) A mistake would often mean you need more Blade & Soul Gold. There's one attack I've positively never seen the Infernal Lord do on NA/EU, even though it's probably still in the game but the boss never gets the time to do it because he gets killed before he gets a chance to do it. It consists of a number of ground pounds that affect the entire arena and deal a lot of damage. It was a matter of i-framing or using defence skills such as Ice Guard to stay alive, then going back to dealing as much damage as possible in order to defeat the boss before he would release a second deadly volley of ground pounds. I'm sure you can't imagine a butt-clenching Infernal Lord battle like that on NA/EU.
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