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I am not creating a female BnS character

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Honestly, this is the first game I play that I am not creating a female character at all. Other folks may enjoy what they would, I am sticking to males because of the avatar art and how they walk. It's just not my choice to Buy BNS Gold. So, I have never considered the outfit for a female, it's okay for a male. And, with the inventory situation being dire in this game, a cosmetic outfit is not exactly my dream reward. I am thinking about destroying anything but the functional outfits for all the factions anyway.

I manages to get to level 28 over the weekend, with a few times being sidetracked and watching the main story cutscenes. Some levels go faster than others, and inventory juggling doesn't help things at all. I can't really say if I would make it or not.

Still at awe that folks can do a leveling run in 12 hours or so.

Story is not really interactive, so save for the pretty cutscenes skipping through it is no biggie. I think I can take it a couple more times to see the Best BNS Gold Store. The faction brawls are really cool, but seeing I was one shot a couple of times by the Reds it does not bode well for arena for me on my main, heh. Cross-realm dungeon is the best thing since the invention of Dungeons and Dragons.

It's not hard so far difficulty wise, but I was scratching my head a few times because I do not know what's up. When the game mentioned black ram narrows I went and did the dungeon, then went back and started clearing because it reset my release of the crow. I have lost a lot of time there until I went back and. Picked the quest line properly, because the map had only a very subtle small circle on it, no bright yellow quest markers. I was looking for a baby all over the village before watching on the net that there is a door in the basement that has to be broken down (took re entering the house to make it clickable with R4PG BNS Gold). Had to go back to the net to see how to do the flying quest in cinderlands after trying a few locations on my own. Things like that certainly extend the run. The inventory is a continuous pita that takes far too much time.

I have 3 days a week when I can do about 4 or 5 hours if I push it and risk RL aggro, the rest is 1 to 2, so yeah, I feel the pressure and with the second character I'd take 2 to 3 monthsto avoid playing past the gagging point and being able to farm dailies on the first one.
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