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Blade and Soul burn has a very long cd of (2 minutes)

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The buff last for roughly 10 seconds (?), it is not sustainable to rely on soulburn alone to evade and stay immune to blackwyrm's attacks with the help of Cheap BNS Gold. That tactic is just plain lazy (though at this point i don't know if its an exploit to a bug or what, but the general thing is that the buff shouldn't give u any immunity at all)

I concur entirely with Urban's post. She literally explained everything outright on it. You need to understand the point she's trying to make.

Regarding how long the fight takes, that claim is rather subjective to me. Every day you will get different group of people doing it, some day u will get people with good gear and skill to do dps, some day u will get undergear people doing it. And base on your comment, its only 1 kill, which does not prove anything to us who knows the fight by heart, and have done it countless of time, not just in a mere 1 week.

when i compare the kill today(30minutes) to the weekend kills (10-15minutes) i can obviously help to get R4PG BNS Gold, i dont get it why you wont understand that ranged players can dps wyrm without fearing to get grabbed, poisoned and rekt the entire fight, like i can fraps it and show it to you, it is SO OBVIOUS, just compare 15 minutes with 30 minutes, what would you prefer?

the people asking me to taunt are fully equipped people who have 200+ wyrm kills with full gear and gems

I can understand your specific situation but to me it sounds that there is no tank because youre actively babysitting a bunch of people by taking responsibility for tanking BW. The problem here is that proper tanks dont learn how to tank BW then. What server are you on if you dont mind my asking? Ive seen and heard of BW tanks on almost every server currently. If there isnt one on your server then someone should pick up the slack and learn how to find the R4PG BNS Gold Store. If the current fight is at a decent pace then that's ok, but the point people are trying to make is that the fight could be even smoother if there was a proper tank for the boss. If a KFM or BM is tanking BW and they have the WL debuff on them, they have 1 less thing that they have to worry about and allows them to hold aggro that much easier.
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