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"cheaters" or by those that are simply in Icarus

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The number of channels doesn't matter because without restrictions on taming the heroics in a set time-frame (like 1 a week), players are free to steal, grief, and harass other players whenever they see Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. There are several players and guilds that are already blacklisted as having malicious intent and they are only out for themselves. In an attempt to remain as professional as possible I'm leaving those out here. I'm sure we all know who they are. There is no teamwork. There is no "for the good of the community" and there is no way to stop it because there are so few rules against such things. Reports would be unanswered or replied to with "I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do."

Even with the extended event times and being able to receive the drops for taming the heroics from Attaius certain guilds and specific players within them have gone out of their way to keep other players from being able to earn the rewards that everybody should have been able to achieve. They have been camping out the Heroics like Agnas and Garme and intentionally preventing other players from being able to earn the rewards.

There are many players that spent hours and days preparing to complete this event only to have it stolen from them either by "cheaters" or by those that are simply only out for themselves. They are rude, offensive, inconsiderate, and do not respond to politeness. Even if asking "Hey, can I be the one to tame this time" those pleas were ignored and every player had to resort to a group "spam" by standing underneath the mount (Garme) or just trying to get to mount (Agnas) before it was dead in 15 seconds. This made the event impossible to complete and I can see this as being the cause for many of the good and worthy players who had every right to get their chance to earn it to want nothing to do with this game anymore after what has already transpired.

I am requesting that the event title that was supposed to be handed out to all the players that tamed all the mounts be revoked Icarus Gold. I am also suggesting that there should be another event in the future that allows for this same title to be achieved in other ways that are more fair to the players that were cheated out of their opportunity to earn it. Either by, only getting the mounts withing instanced areas that can't be sniped, camped, hunted, or in any way prevented from being completed. Everybody deserves a chance to earn the rewards. Everybody deserves to be able to attempt it without being cheated, griefed, or harassed by players that will only try to keep everything for themselves. If a player fails to earn the rewards because they are inadequately prepared, then that falls on them to remember what preparations it will take and to do a better job for the next time. But for the players that spend days and hours doing everything they can just for one chance, even if it's just a chance to fail, and that chance is unattainable because of things like what I've mentioned above; I find this all completely unacceptable.
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